Super Huey III

Super Huey III 1.0

The first helicopter simulator for a personal computer returns!
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The original Super Huey sold well over a million copies and achieved a market penetration of close to 12 percent, stated Cosmi Corporation President and CEO George Johnson. Super Huey was one of the few games in the eighties to actually capture a loyal audience and achieve worldwide name recognition. We trust that the re-release of this popular title will capture both old fans and new ones with real time 3-D technology that makes the game incredibly lifelike and exhilarating. 3D graphics enable users to see both outside and inside of the cockpit. State of the art graphics and stunning visual effects duplicate the sensation of actual in-flight combat missions and dogfights. A unique missile-cam enables users to ride the fired missile to its target. The soundtrack is a carefully composed combination of exhilarating drumbeats and the military chopper theme reminiscent of Apocalypse Now. "Super Huey III will also be released with a reformatted version of the original Super Huey", stated Randy Jick, VP/Sales, Corporation." Although the original Super Huey garnered a large audience, pilots found it especially useful.
The updated version is all about game play. Super Huey is perfect for thrill seekers that don't want to risk their lives for an adrenalin rush. Now you can get the same feeling by sitting in your living room. With Super Huey III, gaming has taken a giant leap into the 21st century.
The first helicopter simulator for a personal computer returns! Complete over 35 heart-pounding missions. Fly combat, search-and-rescue, protect, and medavac opertions.
The UH-IXb is a new, experimental high performance helicopter utilizing the latest in electronic control systems and stabilization.

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